New worker health screening

New worker health screening

When you take on someone new, a health screening service like ours is the most cost effective way for you to identify where you might be required to make adjustments and mitigate the risk of an allegation against you to make a reasonable adjustment.

Our health screening for new workers is flexible, and can adapt to your needs: whether you’re taking on one new worker, or hundreds.

Delivered online through our bespoke secure online platform or offline through paper-based tools, our health assessment will ensure you have compiled with your requirements under the Equality Act 2010.

And, if you need it, we can provide a full medical with an Occupational Health Physician focusing on the health of your potential new employee.

Our health screening service is also suitable for roles where a medical assessment is needed to comply with statutory requirements under Health and Safety legislation – for example, where your employees work with lead, asbestos or in confined spaces.

Ideal for:

  • Provides the advice you need to meet requirements of Equality Act 2010
  • Meets your needs – a basic screening through to a full medical
  • Fixed, competitive price, reviewed annually
  • Flexible – one person or hundreds; online or offline options

Tell us about your new employee

When you’re at the final stages of hiring a new employee, you let us know who they are and how we can get in touch with them through our online portal.

New employee completes questionnaire

We’ll get in touch with the new employee and ask them to complete a questionnaire about their health. This comes directly back to one of our Occupational Health team.

We’ll review their answers

We’ll review the answers and make a decision about whether they’re fit to start work, or whether any action is required before they can start. Sometimes we’ll need to contact the new starter to clarify what they’ve told us or speak to their GP or Specialist.

We’ll issue a ‘certificate of fitness’

We’ll provide you with a certificate of fitness, which will set out any adjustments or restrictions that might be considered to ensure the employee can carry out the requirements of the role.

Our screening service can be provided on paper or via our bespoke web based platform - it’s easy!

Many roles can be modified to accommodate an employee with a medical problem or disability, and some roles will need a screening to comply with health and safety legislation

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Can you screen employees I already have?

Yes – We have the capacity to mobilise services.  As soon as we have an understanding of your exact needs our team will be able to deploy our clinicians for the benefit of your business and workforce.

What are the benefits of a New Worker Health Screening?

Employee health screenings are conducted to help reduce the risk of work-related illnesses and injuries. Through bespoke questionnaires and medical tests, health screenings will assess the physical and mental health of an employee to measure their capabilities against the requirements of the role. There are a variety of employee health screenings which involve different tests and measures, but all share the same goal of identifying any health risks among staff to protect their well-being. These include pre-employment health checks, NHS health checks, mini health and lifestyle checks, and health surveillance checks.

Are there any circumstances where you won’t issue a ‘certificate of fitness’?

Employers have a duty of care to protect the health and well-being of their staff. By investing in the health and well-being of their staff, businesses will see increased staff retention and job satisfaction in their teams which has a positive impact on productivity levels. Health screenings can also help to provide peace of mind for staff. A thorough check of an employee’s health can flag any problems they might need to be aware of. Also, it gives them an opportunity to reflect on lifestyle choices and make healthier changes if needed.