Our performance

Continuous improvements

Sugarman OH provide a dedicated Service delivery manager who will have responsibility for Relationship Management, Service Performance Management, Staff training & development and strategic planning therefore acting as the link between Sugarman’s core OH operational team and the client’s management team

Governance and Audits

Clinical governance plays a major part in the services we offer our clients, by way of service evaluations, questionnaires and our investment into training and technology, our clients benefit from a partner who works within the same SEQOHS standards and subject to SEOHS audits.

Quality Systems

We hold ISO 9001 Quality Management System with our parent company, HCRG, providing evidence and assurance that we have systems in place to ensure a high-quality service will be received by all onboarded clients.

Manage the health and wellbeing of your workforce efficiently

It’s the legal duty of every employer to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees. We help you do that with our efficient, high-quality services.

  • Flexible and accommodating in our approach
  • Up to date advice and guidance based on today’s legislation
  • Adaptable: anything from one assessment to a comprehensive service for all your team


Our services

Vetting and Compliance

Sugarman OH is accredited by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine for SEQOHS (Safe, Effective Occupational Health Systems) ensuring the highest quality service provision. Our account team  take a pro-active and customer service focussed approach, ensuring compliance with legislation and best practice, eliminating any risk with internal and external audits and quality checks, to ensure standards are maintained and continually improved.

Complaints and Escalation

Sugarman OH aims to resolve all complaints fairly, consistently, and promptly.

If any of our clients have cause to complain we will seek to deal with the concerns raised as effectively and quickly as possible.

Transparency and Confidentiality

Sugarman OH  ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR, adhering to our Data Protection Policy, Confidentiality Procedures, Information Security Management Policy and Procedure, Records and Retention Policy, and Records and Disposal Policy. We hold ISO27001 Information Security Management and  Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Our key performance indicators

With every employer increasingly aware of the daily cost of having employees away from the workplace, you want an Occupational Health service that will work with you to support people to get back to full health, and back to work, as soon as possible.  So we hold ourselves to high standards and strict KPIs.

All appointments Referral to appointment 2 working days
Occupational Health Advisor (OHA) Telephone Consultation Booking to appointment 3 working days
OH Physician Telephone Consultation Booking to appointment 10 working days
OHA Face to Face Consultation Booking to appointment 5 working days
OH Physician Face to Face Consultation Booking to appointment 10 working days
OH Advisor Advice Letter Appointment to advice letter 2 working days
OH Physician Advice Letter Appointment to advice letter 5 working days
All questionnaires Health Assessment Questionnaires 2 working days

All KPIs where contact with your employee is required will be dependent on their prompt response to our contact. We’ll always keep trying to get in touch, and keep you (or the manager making the referral) updated with our progress.


of pre-placement questionnaires processed within 2 working days


of confirmed appointment with employees


of recall bookings based on last recheck completed.


reporting of RIDDOR