Drug and alcohol testing

Drug and alcohol testing

Our nationwide team of fully trained drug and alcohol testing collection officers can help you keep your business running safely providing the logistics and practical elements for both random and ‘for cause’ drug and alcohol testing.

Our tests will indicate whether your employee has drugs, alcohol or other substances in their system which could impair their ability to perform their role.

Carried out at your site within two hours of a request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our testing service can provide you with peace of mind.  Initial results are immediate, while positive samples are sent to our lab for analysis and to provide legally defensible results.

Your employees should be aware that a positive result can occur a long while after the discernible effects of a drug have ceased.

Our team will support your employees and managers throughout the process while we’re on site, but the process must be supported with robust policies that inform, protect and counsel the employee in preparation for the testing and what happens in the event of a positive outcome.

  • Safety-critical operations, where alcohol or drug impairment could lead to accident, injury or serious harm
  • Organisations with clear policies on random and for cause drug and alcohol testing
  • A quick response, where testing is required at short notice – anywhere in the UK

For cause testing within 2 hours of a call – anywhere

Instant results, with positive results analysed in the lab to provide legally defensible results

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How quickly can you support us?

We have the capacity to mobilise services to meet your timescales, whatever they are. As soon as we understand what your needs are, we’ll deploy clinicians to the benefit of your business and workforce.

What’s the commitment once I work with you?

Sugarman is committed to establishing positive, transparent working relationships with our clients from the outset to provide a high-quality, bespoke OH service. Sugarman is committed to working with the client to achieve increased employee engagement, wellbeing and productivity, with a focus on prevention and value for money. This will promote a reduction in issues such as sickness absence, work-related ill health, presenteeism, litigation claims etc.

How will you keep my employee’s information safe?

Our systems comply with the rules and regulations for keeping your information safe, and we pride ourselves on our care and attention to doing this. We’re also reviewed annually as part of our accreditations.

Do you offer services on a pay as you go basis?

You can purchase our services on a pay as you go basis, or purchase an in-house full occupational health service or anything in between. Our simple pricing structure enables you to build the package, and level of commitment, that works for your business.

Can I introduce drug and alcohol testing for any role?

Introducing drug and alcohol testing to any role necessitates careful planning. It’s vital to acknowledge the need for testing to ensure safety and adherence to applicable laws. In this process, Occupational Health can provide essential support. Developing, communicating, and consistently implementing clear policies across all roles is imperative. Upholding privacy and confidentiality is essential, and adequate training for staff is paramount.

Can you provide advice on policies for drug and alcohol testing?

As an Occupational Health provider, we offer expert guidance in crafting effective drug and alcohol testing policies. Our services encompass legal compliance, policy objectives, testing methods, confidentiality, consequences, employee education, supervisor training, resource provision, and policy review. With our expertise, we ensure the policy aligns with regulations and prioritises employee well-being and workplace safety.