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Client Support
We work with organisations of all sizes in the public and private sector to help you increase the speed and quality of your recruitment. Our clients draw on our vast experience of attracting occupational health professionals through innovative talent sourcing initiatives, as well as utilising our vast candidate network.

We can help you plan and develop your resourcing strategy so you can find the right people fast, when you need them, whether to fill short term gaps or for sustained periods. We tailor our approach for every client and agree a plan for recruiting and screening that meets all your needs. 

Our Account Managers are supported by a team of experienced recruitment professionals specialising in sourcing, legislative compliance and health and safety regulations.

We are attentive to feedback and constantly adhere to both client and candidate requests, our support includes:

  • Dedicated Account Manager with on-site support if required
  • Regular service reviews / KPI Management
  • Compliance and eligibility management, support and advice
  • Robust screening/ suitability process
  • Tailored  testing where required 

Client Support
Account Manager
Eligibility Management
On-boarding Programme
KPI Management
Market Intelligence
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